May 3, 2016

About Heidi


I am a Certified Innerwise Coach, a Starseed, and a Multidimensional Healer, on this planet to uplift and empower those on their awakening and healing journey.

Innerwise is the multidimensional healing system designed by Uwe Albrecht, MD in Berlin, Germany.  I obtained my Mentoring Certification and Advanced Healing Modalities in January 2017.  There are now over 20 people, including myself who are certified to teach and practice Innerwise in the US.

As a coach, I provide energy healing services to individuals, companies and families around the world.   As a mentor, I teach Innerwise to help others people become their own healer.  I teach all of my clients how to muscle test during the session so that they can continue their healing after our appointment.

I began my career as a professional nurse, and witnessed people suffer while others found healing. The powerful source of healing has always interested me. Wanting to understand, I began learning as much as possible about energy healing. The journey opened my eyes to the significant impact of spiritual and scientific approaches to prayer, hands on healing and positive thinking.

In Nursing School I learned hands on healing, a common practice for many nurses. As a parish nurse, I learned faith-based approaches and the strength of positive thought. As a public health nurse, I designed and implemented community based interventions to assess and treat social justice issues.

As much as I believed in healing, the lack of self-empowerment has kept me from obtaining healing. In an effort to create more positive thoughts I created the Autism Card Game.  Its simply a card game to help redirect your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to a higher, more positive place of understanding.

For the past 2 decades, I have been studying, learning, and practicing energy work on myself and my family. I noticed that many healers are making their clients dependent on their services. I intend for all of my clients to be empowered and become their own healers in the process of working with me.   I will be teaching classes in innerwise which includes muscle testing.  I also clear entities and work with Starseeds that are working to uplift the planet at this time.

I am both honored and grateful to share these practices as I assist you on your own healing journey.  It is my wish for everyone to live an extraordinary life filled health and happiness. and to discover your own healing within.